For this bilingual publication, I hoped to elevate the beauty and sensitivity of the dolls with a clean, calm and elegant design. The book celebrates the artistry of master Japanese doll maker, Ohno Hatsuko. Written by Ohno’s daughter, Mori Mika, the publication was produced to commemorate Ohno’s major exhibition at the Museum of Asian Art in Corfu, Greece.

Looking at the book after some 8 years later, I am still happy with the overall design, but can also see that the typographic balance would benefit from a rethink. I think back then, I placed the title text by the letter the doll is holding to play with the idea that the reader is seeing what the doll is reading. A bit of visual play. As a composition though, the bottom seem a bit lonely and sparse. If it was an exhibition poster, I would have loved the extra information, like the date and venue to balance out the top heaviness of the design. Learning through experimenting!

Beauty in Detail – Japanese Art Dolls by Ohno Hatsuko (2015)

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