Go Walkeez!

Let’s sniff and shout about heritage!

What makes you, you? Explore your cultural heritage together as a family with Go Walkeez!

Pretty soon, we’ll be inviting fun loving families to come and walk our jingly Walkeez! dogs for a heritage walk. The dogs are synced to an app so that it could ask you all sorts of curious questions about the things and places you are experiencing. It’ll even ask you to take pictures of it with things and places you find fab, and to share those on social media channels (you’ll probably need adults’ help on this one).  Heck, if your show-and-tell posts are really good, they might be featured on the Go Walkeez’s website!

Why is this important? Well, what you say and show through the eyes of the Walkeez! dogs will help heritage communities better understand what people care about most. Go Walkeez! is essentially a unique and powerful resource tool for the heritage communities. It helps get the big people in big places see what is truly important in life. Besides, it’s good to get some exercise, see new things and spend some quality time with your family.

So, let’s Go Walkeez! Visit Go Walkeez! for more!

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About the project

Does heritage matter? We think so. We believe that heritage plays an increasingly important role as it informs us of our individual and shared values. While the concept is not without controversy, heritage has a genuine potential to enhance our lives and provide us with an intellectual anchor to help shape our worldviews, adopt new thinking, and resolve our differences. However, because it is not self-sustaining, each generation needs to nurture an active heritage tribe to join the discussion and commit to the preservation, promotion and perpetuation of heritage.

Go Walkeez! is a unique way to create a bridge between families and cultural heritage, and to nurture rewarding shared experiences between children and adults through heritage.

The award-winning heritage project helps engage and foster a new generation of heritage tribes.

Heritage mapping for kids by kids

How exactly does it work? Go Walkeez! as a product comes in two parts: a physical sausage dog hardware and a mobile app software. At participating heritage institutions, the family can check out to walk one of the Walkeez dogs and load the app onto their mobile devices. The app then starts to send a series of ‘sniff this out’ prompt questions, such as ‘let’s find the oldest thing in this museum!’. After the walk, kids have the option to share their pictures with their interpretations about the objects and/or spaces on social media. It is a fun, simple and creative way to get more children involved with culture.

For more information, please contact Kazz.

 Awards and events


RSA-Howarth Award

Royal Society of the Arts, Student Design Award 2015

Brainchild Creative Business Award 2015

Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprise 2015 (Shortlisted)


March 2017: Future of Religious Heritage (March issue feature article)

10-11 September 2016: Norwich Cathedral

13 May 2016: Norwich University of the Arts

14 March 2016 RSA-Engage: Edinburgh

7 March 2016 RSA-Engage: Cambridge

10 December 2015 Hot-Source Innovation Forum

2 December 2015 BEPE (Built Environment Professional Education) Reception

26 Nov 2015  RSA-RDI Diploma Presentation (showcasing at the RDI Diploma presentation evening)

20 Oct 2015  New Anglia iExpo 2015 Innovation Event

1 June 2015  RSA Engage London: Design for Good Student Award 2015 (lightening talk)