This commemorative volume showcases the exhibition Captivating Calligraphy, a show organized by and held at the British Museum. The exhibition was accompanied by a live calligraphy demonstration by Dr Haruhisa Handa, a patron of art, culture, sports and social democracy, and founder of the International Foundation for Arts and Cultures (IFAC).

Inspired by the tradition of image making in Japan, I designed this book in a square format to reference shikishi boards, a square washi paper mounted on board and edged with a gold trim, traditionally used for ink paintings, calligraphy, watercolor and haiku poetry. My hope was to convey the unique and intimate relationship between text and image, and the hand that carries the brush and the spirit vested into the calligraphic work. Japanese art often explores beauty in asymmetry, spontaneity and calm dynamism. I tried to explore these sensibilities through the layout of the pages.



Edited and designed by Kazz Morohashi
Photographs by Andi Sapey
Commissioned by IFAC

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