Charity concert in support of Nova Ukraine to provide humanitarian aid for Ukraine

This is a very ad hoc request still in development, which came from none other than my dad. My dad is a man of many interests. One of his connections is with a community of traditional Japanese musicians. As the group’s first live concert since covid, they wanted to collect donations to support the work of Nova Ukraine, an American nonprofit organization that provides a variety of humanitarian aid to those affected by the conflict.

The audience group is largely older people and the elderly, so we decided on a very simple design with easy to read large text that can be easily sent by the said seniors in an email. We also discussed donation making using checks only or adopt modern technology as many felt nervous about using a QR code. Here, I included what payment interaction point by QR code might look like (and am still working on explaining how it works!). To make it as easy as possible for tech-anxious organizers, I worked on a jpeg so that anyone could click and drag it as an in-text image and a printable PDF that can be attached to the email with near identical content but with a stub section for those sending checks in.

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