Commissioned by the Worldwide Support for Development (WSD), a not-for-profit charity based in Japan, I have been working closely with the team on a holistic redesign of their print and digital collaterals that highlight their past and current global activities.

Their original logo includes a beautiful image of an outstretching crane. Crane holds a special place in Japanese tradition. Seen as an auspicious animal that brings peace and prosperity, I wanted to promote that message and the work of WSD of providing support for worldwide development through a stronger and bolder visual narrative. Their original logo, while sympathetically designed, had certain legibility issues with a white crane on pale blue gradient sphere on white background. To slowly transition from the original logo to a more high contrast legible logo, we made small changes to ease into a newer statement logo.

The print and website designs build on the charity’s color of gold and blends of blues,  but with a more contemporary and dynamic twist. The web design is currently being built by the wonderful people at GDN Web Media and hope to be able to link the site up here soon!

Inset containing recent developments prepared for a summer event

A report covering WSD’s current and past activities

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