100 Day Doodle Diary Challenge

As part of my pathfinding journey, in 2018, I created a personal challenge: to write and draw everyday for 100 days straight.

I gave up art in exchange for university education. After some twenty years, I just didn’t feel complete. I had to go back into making art.

The resulting images are messy, confusing, seemingly random and feel hurried. It describes a time when I was really struggling to find my own style, narrative format and overall voice. It was at times an uncomfortable experience (as the rushed nature conveys) as I wasn’t familiar in my own creative skin. Even though the diary was for me to find myself in a safe creative space, I constantly felt judged, ridiculed and dismissed. Talk about serious confidence issues!

What I discovered through the process is this. I am my own worst enemy. I am an incurable oddball who may never see the light of day as an artist. What I need to work on the most is to just make peace with it.