Little Mamas

Little Mamas is an ongoing illustration project to capture the shifting persona of womanhood.

Women have made monumental strides over the recent decades to construct, promote and pursue their own various notion of womanhood. The persona, at an individual level, is rarely fixed. Instead, it continues to shift and evolve as priorities–new and old–influence the way we design our lives.

As I entered my 40s with a husband and no kids (but a dog instead), I wanted to reflect on some of the pressures to which I’ve somehow let myself be subjected. Like, why can’t I celebrate life without kids? Why should I have to apologise about structuring my life around my dog? Why should I feel less ‘authentic’ as a freelancer, instead of an employee with a lanyard ID claiming my neck? It was time for me to stop running into this invisible sticky cobweb of social expectations and order.

In this illustrated series, my hope is to celebrate the strength within us embrace our own life views.